Thursday, 15 March 2018

Monday, 12 March 2018, P. 453 - 454

We read as far as "Seekit headup!" (454.36)

Shaun / Jaun is leaving. We do not know where to or what for. Is he leaving to simply deliver the post? Perhaps we shall decipher what his mission is later in the book.

Right now he says, that his going will be beneficial to himself (my gala bene fit). He also asks them not to grieve his departure (let ye not be getting grief out of it) because better times await them (Lo, improving ages wait ye! In the orchard of bones.)  Does this orchard of bones (a real lovely phrase) refer to the cemetery?

He is certainly referring to afterlife in Elysium (among the fieldnights eliceam and later when he mentions seekit headup - Egyptian Elysian Fields).

Soon Shaun's thought/talk turns to Lent. Though the said purpose of Lent is self-denial, fasting, doing penance etc, Shaun advises the liddle giddles to 'Drink it up, ladies, please, as smart as you can lower it!' And then he bids them goodbye saying, 'Parting's fun.' In fact he says, 'Goodbye, swisstart, goodbye!' (Did Joyce have a Swiss tart the day he wrote this?)

Shaun/Jaun leaves. Some funny thing must have happened just then because he bursts out into a hearty laugh. (Something of a sidesplitting nature must have occurred to westminstrel Jaunathaun ...) He stops and asks the girls to pray (... my sorellies. It's prayers in layers all the thumping time.)

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