Thursday, 3 March 2016

Monday, 29 February 2016, Pages 301 - 303

This Moanday, we read as far as "Eregobragh. Prouf!" (303.14)

Had fun deciphering,

  • 'Ann opes tipoo soon ear!'
  • 'Merrymoney thanks'
  • 'Lifp year fends you all and moe, fouvenirs foft as fummer fnow, fweet willings and forget-uf-knots'
Google auto-corrected the middle part of the last sentence above as "souvenirs foot as summer now". I am glad that I saw it before I made this post public ;-)

The following sentence, on the other hand, was quite clear!
'This is Steal, this is Barke, this is Starn, this is Swhipt, this is Wiles, this is Pshaw, this is Doubbllinnbbay-yates.'

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