Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Monday, 21 March 2016, Pages 307 - 308

We completed chapter 2 of book 2. The chapter is said to be about homework - mathematics, language, ...

Wow, the homework was quite difficult, though all the difficulty was forgotten when we read the NIGHTLETTER!

This is how Wikipedia summarizes chapter 2:

Chapter II.2 follows Shem, Shaun and Issy studying upstairs in the pub, after having been called inside in the previous chapter.[50][51] The chapter depicts "[Shem] coaching [Shaun] how to do Euclid Bk I, 1", structured as "a reproduction of a schoolboys' (and schoolgirls') old classbook complete with marginalia by the twins, who change sides at half time, and footnotes by the girl (who doesn't)".[52][53] Once Shem (here called Dolph) has helped Shaun (here called Kev) to draw the Euclid diagram, the latter realises that he has drawn a diagram of ALP's genitalia, and "Kev finally realises the significance of the triangles [..and..] strikes Dolph." After this "Dolph forgives Kev" and the children are given "[e]ssay assignments on 52 famous men."[54] The chapter ends with the children's "nightletter" to HCE and ALP, in which they are "apparently united in a desire to overcome their parents."[55]

Note: There will be no reading on Easter Monday, 28 March.

Have a nice Easter!

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