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Monday, 12 February 2018

We stopped at "Do you know what, liddle giddles?" (448.25)

The question is do we - even if we are no liddle giddles - know what these pages tell us! Brother Shaun, who has been lecturing sister Issy, has progressed from announcing, 'I'll tear up your lampshades and lock all your trotters in the closet, I will, and cut your silk-skin into garters,' to proclaiming, 'Iy waount yiou!' as after all 'Aerwenger's (Earwicker) my breed...' Of course, on one level, this is quite a bit incestuous...

Soon Shaun's interest in Issy becomes more prosaic. He wants her to join him in rendering social service, to adopt fosterlings with him. Along with her, he wants to circumcivicise (circumcise? civilise?) all Dublin country. He is obviously bothered by how dirty Dublin is, wondering when it will get its wellbelavered white like l'pool and m'chester (washed white like Liverpool and Manchester.)

Shaun also asks them, the vocational scholars - is he addressing here Issy and the as many as twentynine hedge daughters out of Benent Saint Berched's national nightschool, whom we had met at the beginning of this chapter? -, to write essays, mentioning a varied number of suitable topics such as 'Explain why there is such a number of orders of religion in Asia! Why such an order number in preference to any other number? Why any number in any order at all!'

Naturally umpteen number of songs build the background to the utterings of Shaun here!  

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