Sunday, 19 November 2017

Monday, 13 November 2017, Pages 425 - 427

We read as far as "Ah, mean!" (427.8)

(It would be interesting to list all the ways Joyce uses to say 'Amen!')

Recalling what has been happening so far, we are in the dream world of Earwicker, who currently has been dreaming of his elder son, Shaun. Shaun is talking a lot, is giving almost a sermon to the girls assembled on the bank of the Liffey, down which he is rolling buoyantly backwards in a barrel, via Rattigan's corner ... in the direction of Mac Auliffe's, the crucet-house. (McHugh explains in his Annotations to Finnegans Wake that Sitric Mac Aulaf (Olaf?) gave the ground for the Christ College Cathedral in Dublin.)

Not only is Shaun's talk very negative about his brother Shem, he also praises himself quite a bit. (... it is an openear secret, ..., how I am extremely ingenuous at the clerking even with my badily left....). He considers himself the ormuzd (i.e, Ahuramazda, the Persian divinity of light) where as Shem is the hairyman (i.e, Ahirman, the Persian divinity of darkness and evil).

We are after all in the world of dreams!

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